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We Deliver Your Health to You Daily
Delicious, healthy, ready-to-eat plant-based meals to you daily.
A Better Life Starts with Better Food
We are obsessed with planning, preparing, and delivering
a better life to you daily through our food.
Our plant-based meal plans have been expertly designed to deliver your body with perfect nutrition, so you don't have to think about it.
Every day, we buy your fresh,
unprocessed ingredients
from pure food sources.
Before you start your day,
we prepare and package your food
for you - fresh and ready-to-eat
We deliver your food to you at home
or at work
- whatever is most
convenient for you.
With the right food, at the right time
throughout the day, you perform
at your highest level.

Why the EatsMe Diet?

Longer Life

The research has shown that people who strictly follow the full plant diet eat more high quality nutritous components, which leads to better metabolic health.[1].

Super Health

The research has shown significantly lower risk of chronic illneses[2] (e.i. high blood pressure and obesity), diabetics[3], heart diseases[4], cancer[5], hypothyroidism[6], cataracts[7], arthritis[8], kidney diseases[9] and many others when followed the highly nutritous diet.

Better Humor

The arachidonic acid is a substance derived mostly from the animal nutritious sources. The plant-based diet does not contain high amounts of the acid. The research has shown high correlation between the arachidonic acid in our body and with humour disorders[10]. The other research has shown that limiting consumption of food from animal sources significantly improved the well-being of people and showed a lower level of neuroticism. [11].

Low Levels of Cholesterol

What may sound obvious, the research clearly showed that removing the animal sources fats from the diet, removes their harmful effect on health. The long-term effects research showed that the lipids level and cholesterol level in body were significantly lower in vegetarians than in people that haven't followed a specific diet.[12].


The meat industry has a catastrophic effect on the environment. In order to breed the animals people first need to grow the seeds, which will then be eaten by the animals. We produce way less food than by a direct eating of plants. The Agency of Environmental Protection in The United States estimates that 95% of all the pesticides is the consequence of the meat, fish and dairy production.

Better Sleep

The research has shown that the plant-based diet provides a lot of benefits on healthy sleep. Besides the increased level of energy during the day, people feel more relaxed and falling asleep is way easier for them. The ingredients of vegan diet contain significantly higher amounts of vitamin B6, tryptophan and magnesium, which are responsible for the healthy cycle of sleep. [13].

When We Take Care of Your Food,
You Will Live a Better Life
Because you have delicious food, you will never be hungry, and tempted to eat the foods that
will ruin your figure. Every day that you eat well, you will re-program your body to perform
at higher levels in every area of your life. Better performance, will lead to better
confidence, which will lead to even higher levels of performance.
Lets Get Started Designing Your Healthy Life!

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